Advancing Skills in Patient Engagement Training

Engagement Training

During this highly interactive, multi-session training series, the learner will advance their skills in Motivational Interviewing. Learners will be offered multiple learning methods such as didactic discussion, small and large group practice, introspection, videos, hypothesis generation, low-stakes testing, and self-study.  Evaluation of progress will be measured with knowledge tests and skill observation with individualized feedback […]

Serious Illness (formerly Palliative Care) Training

An evidence-based care approach to assist patients diagnosed with a serious illness. This training, using evidence-based approaches, will provide the clinical team with knowledge and skills to assist patients who have a diagnosis or condition termed as a serious illness. The training will review and include: Identifying the patient’s understanding of their diagnosis and prognosis. […]

Collaborative Care Model Base Training

Collaborative Care Model Live Training Event

Collaborative Care Model: Base Training is designed for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) practices that have completed the CoCM practice assessment and are determined to be ready to implement the model. The training is intended to help the primary care physicians, psychiatric consultants, behavioral health care managers, and other primary care practice team members gain the […]

Treating Pain & Addiction

During this live virtual training course, the learner will gain skills and knowledge in leveraging psychosocial and non-pharmaceutical interventions with the use of multi-disciplinary teams to improve chronic pain outcomes. The attendee will receive an overview of pain mechanisms, biopsychosocial interventions, team-based care options, substance use disorder and opioid weaning strategies. At the conclusion of […]

Team-Based Care Training

Team-Based Care Live Training Event

During this live, all-day training course the learner will gain knowledge and skills to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary setting to assure that care is coordinated, safe, and patient-centered.  Participants are required to complete this course with a posttest score of 80% or greater in order to bill for Priority Health and BCBSM PDCM (Provider […]

Patient Engagement Training

Engagement Training

During this live, all day training course the learner will gain skills and knowledge to engage and empower patients using enhanced communication skills.  The attendee will have the opportunity to engage in role playing, a “simulation interview” with a trained standardized patient, and receive immediate and individualized feedback on applied skills. It is strongly recommended […]