Mi-CCSI partners with stakeholders across the continuum of care providers to achieve the quadruple aim.

Brief History

The Michigan Center for Clinical Systems Improvement (Mi-CCSI) is a non-profit member organization and quality improvement consortium that partners to better care. MI-CCSI convenes payers, health systems and other health and healthcare stakeholders to measurably improve the healthcare system.

Since 2010, Mi-CCSI has provided voice to primary care and continues to leverage quality and performance improvement principles to assess opportunities, identify right-actions and approaches, identify tools, teach and train, coach, and measure impact to ensure together we continue to positively impact the healthcare system and beyond.

Supporting our Partners

Mi-CCSI works with members and partners to:

  • Collaboratively customize evidence-based approaches to practice transformation.
  • Accelerate quality improvement and outcome achievement.
  • Promote best practice sharing and sustainable impact.
  • Prioritize patients, families, and the broader community in all efforts.

Patient Focused

Mi-CCSI offers patient-focused, evidence-based, and customized training solutions for:

  • Organizations interested in tailored content.
  • Care teams undergoing practice transformation initiatives.
  • Individual learners interested in improving their knowledge and confidence related to specific conditions.

What We Do

Mi-CCSI braids live, personalized solutions with enduring (e.g., on-demand) content to support the unique needs of partner organizations and stakeholders within and outside the healthcare system. A keen focus on quality, performance improvement, and measurement informs an approach that ensures short, medium and longitudinal impact. Coupling evidence-based strategies with impactful stories from all members of the care team and patients themselves, MI-CCSI drives transformation towards a true healthCARING system.

Evidence Based
An approach based on application of the best available current research and knowledge.

Engaging Heart & Mind
An approach which optimizes both the scientific and innately human components necessary for optimal engagement and impact.

Enhanced Body Mind Spirit Patient Focus
A holistic approach which addresses the physical, mental and spiritual needs of an individual and accentuates the power of each in promoting an individual’s resilience in the face of adversity and in transforming adversity into healing opportunities.

Our Members

Become A Member

To learn more about member benefits or membership opportunities, contact Thomas Dahlborg at 616-551-0795 ext. 14 or email