Treating Pain & Addiction Training Resources

June 23, 2023

During this live virtual training course, the learner will gain skills and knowledge in leveraging psychosocial and non-pharmaceutical interventions with the use of multi-disciplinary teams to improve chronic pain outcomes. The attendee will receive an overview of pain mechanisms, biopsychosocial interventions, team-based care options, substance use disorder and opioid weaning strategies. For further details on training objectives, faculty, and available continuing education credits, click on the following link:

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June 23 Treating Pain & Addiction Agenda


Biomedical & Biopsychosocial Aspects of Pain Management

David Williams, PhD

Biomedical & Biopsychosocial Aspects of Pain Management Presentation

Michigan Body Map & Resources

Pain Guide & Resources

Practical considerations for chronic pain management

Glenn Dregansky, DO & Eva Quirion, FNP, PhD

Practical Considerations for Chronic Pain Management

Post Training Information

Post Test & Evaluation


Post Training Instructions

  • Complete the Mi-CCSI posttest and evaluation. Once you complete, click the FINISHED button. You will be given your posttest score, once you click DONE and you will be redirected to a webpage to print or download your continuing education certificate.
  • If you have any questions or encounter any challenges, please contact Sue Vos at or Amy Wales at

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