March 2018 Collaborative Care Manager Case Review (CCMCR)


Mi-CCSI has established a collaborative care approach utilizing subject matter experts to provide case review for complex cases. Complex cases are defined by multiple diagnoses or conditions, biopsychosocial, socioeconomic barriers/limitations, high cost patient ability, confidence, and desire.

During each monthly videoconference, content experts will provide education, review cases selected from those submitted by care manager attendees, and collectively brainstorming ideas to be shared and considered across delivery settings. See more details in the following brochure:Collaborative Care Manager Case Review Program Description

Intended Participants

This forum is intended for care managers and care coordinators primary care or ambulatory care settings who require alternative care options for complex cases.


A Brief Introduction to Substance Use Disorder


Scott Haga, PA-C, Addiction and Substance-Use Specialist at Spectrum Health Center for Integrated Medicine

CIM has a number of different teams, including an intake team, consisting of a physician, licensed master of social work (LMSW) and a medical assistant (MA); a pain and addiction team, staffed by a physicians’ assistant (PA) and master of social work (MSW); and a complex medical team, also led by a PA and MSW. Upon enrolling in the program, the teams meet and evaluate patients, typically meeting with them four to five times over five weeks. Patients’ biopsychosocial issues are identified, and care plans are created that include interventions such as mindfulness meditation to help manage chronic pain, addiction treatment, care for chronic or complex medical conditions, mental health services, and aggressive assistance with social services focused on helping patients find reliable housing. A 2011 trial analyzing 100 super‐utilizer patients receiving CIM care found that the program reduced ED visits by 63 percent, a reduction maintained for more than a year. Health care costs for the group were reduced by $2.7 million. The net effect compared to controls is still under investigation.

CCMCR Consultants: Scott Haga, PA-C & Phil Baty, MD, Mercy Health Physician Partners


Presentation Slides

March CCMCR Substance Use Disorder Presentation

Certificate of Completion

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