ComMIT Motivational Interviewing

Mi-CCSI is partnering with Dr. Bruce Berger, PhD to offer COMMIT on-line motivational interviewing training for health care providers.

The program has limited spaces available, and all of them are currently filled. Please contact us to be considered for future sessions.

ComMIt was created by Bruce Berger, PhD and William Villaume, PhD to teach health care providers how to use the principles of motivational interviewing (MI) with patients to more effectively improve adherence with health behaviors and hence, produce better outcomes. For more information, please see below.

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This self paced, on-line course is an effective 16 hour training program to teach health care providers how to use the principles of motivational interviewing to produce better outcomes. Motivational interviewing is a proven, patient centered counseling method for addressing patient ambivalence and resistance to change regarding health behaviors (quitting smoking, taking medications, losing weight, healthier eating habits, etc.). Brief motivational interviewing is a patient-centered approach developed for use with patients who vary in their readiness to take their medicines or manage their illness and related health behaviors. The development of brief motivational interviewing was guided by the following principles:

  1. it will be usable in time-limited health care situations
  2. training of practitioners is feasible and understandable
  3. it should address patient ambivalence and resistance
  4. it is the opposite of advice giving
  5. health care should be compassionate and respect the patient
  6. the focus is on helping patients take responsibility for their own health outcomes and behaviors
  7. it is used to assess motivational readiness on the part of the patient
  8. it is confrontational (not argumentative)
  9. a primary goal is to create motivational dissonance
  10. it treats the patient as an equal partner in the decision making
  11. it respects the autonomy of the patient
  12. it focuses on the patient’s core concerns and line of reasoning

Pilot Cohort Kick-off


Presentation Slides

ComMIt Pilot Presentation Slides

Pilot Participant Pre-Training Survey

Once you have completed the survey, we will notify the administrator at ComMIt. Within a few days, you should anticipate a follow up email with your code and the link to the modules.


Community Forum

Mi-CCSI has created a forum as a place for participants in the training module to share their experiences, ask questions and share best practices with colleagues.

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If you are not currently participating in one of the educational sessions and are interested in learning more, please contact Susan Vos at 616-551-0795 ext. 12 or by email to: