Depression: Patient Education and Care Planning Interventions

Request: Do you have patient education tools? What interventions should the care manager include in the care plan?

Mi-CCSI facilitated implementation of two behavioral medical collaborative care models:

  1. DIAMOND integrated care of depression into primary care. (
  1. COMPASS combined the care of depression with concurrent care of diabetes and heart disease. (

Disclaimer: using the tools below alone will not achieve optimal results. Only by implementing the total model can those results be achieved. However, patient care can be improved using these tools.

Managing Medication Side Effects

Self Management Goals

Understanding Depression

FAQ: Depressants

Antidepressant Medications Effects Over Time

Activity Log

Care management tools:

Initial Depression Assessment

Depression Medication Overview Chart (Used by permission from Spectrum Health Medical Group)

Relapse Prevention Plan (Used by permission from Spectrum Health Medical Group)

We would also encourage practices to review the research regarding behavioral medical integration, referenced as Collaborative Care. Below are suggested publications and sites used by the organizations: