Care Management/Self-Management Resources

Billing & Coding

This section provides information on patient eligibility, billable care management codes, descriptions and tips, and/or reimbursement rates.

Care Management Process 

This section provides links and information on the components of care management.

Care Management Workflows

This section provides samples of clinical workflows.

 Chronic Care Model

Diagram of the Chronic Care Model developed by the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation at the Group Health Research Institute.


This section provides tools for communication with patients and other care team members.

Motivational Interviewing

This section provides sample videos, tools and other motivational interviewing resources.

Success Strategies

This section provides access to the Mi-CCSI care manager toolkit, complex care management guidelines, and other tools to assist the care manager.

Transitions of Care

This section provides tools, call scripting, information and links on effective care transitions.

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